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Welcome to 2015

Do you need a holiday already? Ever thought about a cruise? There are cruises available for all ages and families. Read about this below and start planning today.

Looking back on whether you achieved everything you wanted to last year, it’s now time to set your goals for the coming year. We have included some tips to help you get organised.

With the property market moving, make sure you read the article on ‘All you need to know about buying at Auction’ - you don’t want to miss out. Five simple steps can help you be ready and we are able to arrange the finance for you through Jacinta, our Accredited Mortgage Consultant.

For those considering or approaching retirement, "Should you take your super as a lump sum?" More information on this question is provided below.

Finally, for our self managed super fund members or if you are thinking about an SMSF, we provide some information on potential traps that can get you into trouble.

How does debt recycling work?  Find out more by clicking on the link below

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